Upcoming Courses Fall 2020

The coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt regular college scheduling, but we at least know that Mercy English will be offering a robust selection of courses this fall either wholly online, in the form of an online/on-campus hybrid, or, if a breakthrough occurs over the summer, in the normal manner where some courses run online while others run at the various Dobbs, Bronx, and Manhattan campuses. The College administration is adhering to the overall New York State guidelines for operating during the pandemic, and will make final fall decisions as soon as possible, as soon as NYS signals what will or won’t be allowed for colleges this fall.

In the meantime here’s a look at the English courses that what will be running, in one way or another, this fall. As enrollment increases we might add courses to the fall schedule, but at the moment, we know we will offer new courses such as Hip Hop Literature & Culture, Literature & Medicine, LGBTQ+ Experiences and Lit., and Magic, Science & Romance in Medieval Lit.

Other fall offerings from our catalog include Latin American Lit., Harlem Renaissance, American Gothic, The Short Story, and History of Drama. Those interested in mixing disciplines might be interested in Literature to Film or Literature & Psychology. And those looking to develop and hone their writing might want to take Modern English: Writing with Style.

Those who want to develop and hone their creative writing will find numerous sections of Creative Writing in genres of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and playwriting on the fall schedule.

And finally we’re offering our program’s foundational courses including Poetics: Intro to Literary Texts, and the two core surveys of English literature, Survey I and Survey II. A “survey” course is a course that has a wide and broad focus, and has a goal of giving you a taste of a lot of different writers and writings, as opposed to a course that might introduce you to a more specific and focused group of writers or writings, those from a particular era or literary movement.

If anyone would like to know more about any particular class here, or needs help figuring out their fall schedule, be sure to contact your PACT advisor and the English Program Director (cloots@mercy.edu).

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