Have questions about your English coursework and the COVID-19 coronavirus situation? Ask us.

It’s a strange time at Mercy College and throughout the world right now as we all try to adjust to the pandemic, and take steps to prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus’ spread. Mercy College has moved all classes online for the week of 3/16 – 3/20, and there is a good chance that the College will soon announce that courses will remain online through the end of the semester. Most colleges in the New York metropolitan area, the ones that are acting ethically and responsibly, have also moved coursework completely online. Moving all coursework online involves a huge and unexpected shift in the way on-campus students expected to receive their education, and in the way on-campus professors expected to deliver that education.

Mercy College has the infrastructure in place to make this work. But you, our Mercy English majors and minors, are almost surely to various degrees anxious, stressed-out, and wondering about what in the world this is all going to mean for you and your courses, about how this is going to unfold. Your English faculty are here to help, and to answer your questions. We invite and encourage you to direct any questions or concerns you might have about this situation to the Program Director, Dr. Loots, at cloots@mercy.edu.

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