English Minor

Student of any major can easily earn a minor in English. A minor in English diversifies your degree, and shows employers you are curious, creative, and insightful. Also, it’s fun to do. Students regularly report that their English courses are the most interesting and thought-provoking courses of their undergraduate studies.

How to Earn A Minor in English:

Complete any five English courses level 200 or higher. That’s it.

You don’t even need to declare to your PACT mentor or anyone else that you are pursuing a minor. If during the course of completing your bachelors degree you complete any five English courses level 200 or higher, a minor in English automatically appears on your official transcripts.

Students can complete the five English courses as part of their General Education Electives or Open Electives. (All students have six Gen Ed Elective courses to complete, and any number of Open Electives to complete. Contact the English Program Director or your PACT advisor to learn more about Gen Ed Electives and Open Electives.)

“Literature is unbelievably helpful, because no matter what business you are in, you are dealing with interpersonal relationships. It gives you an appreciation of what makes people tick.”

– Michael Eisner, former CEO and Chairman of Disney, English Major
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