Spring 2021 Courses and Faculty Advising

English majors and minors (and those interested in an English major or minor) take note: registration for spring 2021 will be starting soon, most likely in early November. Students will find a wide variety of literature and creative-writing options on the schedule, and as a result of the College’s ongoing response to the COVID pandemic practically all of these courses will be available to you one way or another, on campus or online, no matter at which campus you normally take courses. Major-level literature offerings for spring 2021 include:

  • 205 Survey of English Literature I (fully online asynchronous)
  • 206 Survey of English Literature II (fully online asynchronous)
  • 208 Survey of American Literature II (fully online hybrid, Tues. 2:50-5:40)
  • 212 Science Fiction (blended Dobbs Ferry/online, Wed. 2:50-5:40)
  • 225 Classical Literature (fully online hybrid, Wed. 11:40-2:30)
  • 234 Literature by Women (fully online hybrid, Mon. 2:50-5:40)
  • 281 Modern Drama (fully online asynchronous)
  • 295 Cultural Rhetorics (blended Dobbs Ferry/online, Tues. 2:50-5:40)
  • 295 Graphic Novel (fully online asynchronous)
  • 295 Hip Hop Literature & Culture (fully online hybrid, Tues. 11:40-2:30)
  • 316 Shakespeare’s Tragedies (blended Dobbs Ferry/online, Thurs. 2:50-5:40)
  • 353 African-American Literature (fully online asynchronous)
  • 340 Major Victorians (fully online asynchronous)

Additionally, students will find numerous creative writing options across the schedule, including those focusing on fiction (217), poetry (218), and non-fiction (219).

English 200, Poetics, which every English major needs to take (as early as possible), will be running blended on Wednesday nights 6:15-9:05 from the Bronx campus. You can attend in the Bronx or experience the course remotely online.

Your PACT mentors can help you determine courses that meet your needs and schedule. You can also contact the Program Director at cloots@mercy.edu if you have any questions about the English major, want more information about any of the spring offerings, or need help picking courses for the spring.

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