Mercy English Relaunches in Fall 2022 with Four New Concentrations

Starting in fall 2022 the English major will relaunch with a new look, one involving a variety of new degree paths and options. The BA in English will remain the default degree path for anyone who declares for the English major, just as before. However the new BA in English will involve much more flexibility,Continue reading “Mercy English Relaunches in Fall 2022 with Four New Concentrations”

English Major Course Offerings Spring 2022

Below is a downloadable PDF to a lookbook containing a list of English major course offerings, and descriptions of most of those offerings, for spring 2022. Registration for the spring semester will begin near the start of November 2021. If any students have any questions about courses, registration, or the English major, please don’t hesitateContinue reading “English Major Course Offerings Spring 2022”

English Lit Course Descriptions Spring 2021

Click here to open a PDF containing course descriptions for many of the Spring 2021 English literature offerings. Not included in the PDF are descriptions for ENGL 200 Poetics and ENGL 400 Seminar in Literary Research & Writing; nor descriptions for our many creative writing and short story offerings. For information about those, consult theContinue reading “English Lit Course Descriptions Spring 2021”

Spring 2020 English Course Offerings

For Spring 2020 the English program is running a variety of major-level courses ranging from traditional offerings in the field, to brand-new and eclectic courses. The spring schedule includes numerous Creative Writing Poetry (ENGL 217), Fiction (ENGL 218), and Non-Fiction (ENGL 219) courses; and many Short Story (ENGL 220) courses too. Refer to the posterContinue reading “Spring 2020 English Course Offerings”