Fall 2021 English Major Course Offerings

Registration for summer and fall 2021 begins on Monday 3/22. In addition to the English 200 Poetics and English 400 Seminar in Literary Research & Writing courses that we run for our majors, as well as our many creative writing and short story offerings, we will be running ten different major-level English offerings. Click here to see a PDF containing descriptions and information about these courses. For quick reference, the ten courses titles are:

  • 205: English Literature Survey I
  • 206: English Literature Survey II
  • 214: Cyberpunk+Technoculture
  • 215: Literature & Medicine
  • 224: LGBTQ+ Literature & Experiences
  • 242: Literature & Psychology
  • 249: American Gothic
  • 268: Harlem Renaissance
  • 269: Hispanic & Latino Literature
  • 295: Writing for the Professions
  • 295: Murder, Mystery, and Suspense
  • 300: Magic, Science, and Romance in Medieval Literature

Note that many of our courses, like most courses at the college, are scheduled to run in the traditional on-campus format. This is done in anticipation of the nation being vaccinated enough by fall 2021 that we can return to life as before covid, and can conduct courses together safely in the classroom environment. If that turns out not to be the case by the fall, then the modalities of the campus courses will necessarily shift. For now, we have hope.

If any English major has any questions, or needs help or advice about course selections or anything else to do with the major, please contact the program director at cloots@mercy.edu.

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