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English develops the skills valued most by employers across numerous professions. The majority of graduates who majored in English report that their degree has led to meaningful, fulfilling employment and a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Minor in English

Already happy with a different major? Add a minor in English. It’s fun to do, and adds value to your resume.

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See what’s happening in the English program at Mercy College, including upcoming course offerings and program events.

Red Hyacinth

Red Hyacinth publishes creative works from students across Mercy College, and is run by English faculty and students.

“Being an English major gave me career options instead of tethering me to a specific career choice.”

Shauneice Robinson
Marketing Associate at SourcebookS
mercy English major, Class of 2016

“One of the functions of [story] is to give people the words to know their own experience. Storytelling is a tool for knowing who we are and what we want.”

– Ursula K. Le Guin

A writer “is a sort of emotional or spiritual historian,” whose “role is to make you realize the doom and glory of knowing who you are and what you are.”

– James Baldwin

“Technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing.”

– Steve Jobs

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on.”

– Shakespeare, The Tempest

Over 70% of students with liberal arts and humanities degrees such as English reported “I am deeply interested in the work I do.” This percentage is higher than reported by business and social science majors.

The State of the HUMANITIES 2018 STUDY: Workforce & Beyond

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The Mercy College English Program is part of the Department of Literature and Language, in the School of Liberal Arts.

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The English Program offices are located on the second floor of Gratia Maher Hall, on the Dobbs Ferry campus of Mercy College.

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